Ten Football Index values with biggest rises in 20/21: ARob, Son…

November 9, 2020

Buying shares in the right player at the right time on Football Index can be immensely rewarding – and several players have seen their values rise significantly just since the start of the season.

Football Index is a real-money betting platform where you can buy and sell shares in footballers.

Traders could possibly win money every single day through Match Day and Media dividend payouts for players starring on the pitch or generating headlines off it, while further dividends are paid out on players included in the Opta-powered Football Index Team of the Month.

Kevin De Bruyne generated £0.62 per share in Match Day dividends for his owners over the past three months, while Lionel Messi won his owners £0.78 per share in Media Dividends over the same period, but both players provided even bigger returns through the rise of their share price.

Players you buy on Football Index can bring losses as well as gains, of course, as their form dips, they suffer injury, or they just fall out of favour. But here are the 10 players whose values have risen most since the day the 2020-21 Premier League started on September 12, making their owners a pretty penny along the way.

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